From Hobby to Business – Cake Decorating Is Art

When I started my own little home industry in cake decorating 12 years back, new trends were just starting to emerge. Television shows, new developments and concepts and technology were suddenly beginning to emerge and making the industry far more competitive than it previously was.

I quickly realized that my simple piping skills and modeling cakes and fondant into different forms was not going to keep my little business alive and that I would have to change with the times in order to meet my clients demands. I had to learn new techniques like using fondant, providing edible print cakes in creative ways and making my cakes more inventive and realistic.

Within a year of learning and adopting these new techniques, my home industry grew to the extent that I could no longer keep up with the demand. I had to employ a couple of staff members to help me bake and take care of the basic art of cake decorating, leaving me free to deal with the more intricate details.

I’m a bit of a self taught decorator and I never went on a course or had any training to learn my skills. One of my new employees wanted to grow her own skills by going for a course in cake baking. Instead of spending the time and money on the training, I suggested that I teach her.

She declined my offer, cut her working hours in half and stuck to her guns to go for professional training. I must admit I was a bit sore at her at first but quickly realized the benefit she could now bring to my business.

It seems that I was still not done learning and she brought a whole new set of skills to the business that I had to now incorporate into my decorating repertoire. One of these techniques was airbrushing.

I thought, “How difficult can it possibly be?”. I have a steady hand and an artistic flair so it should be easy to learn how to airbrush. Not so!

I literally sat for hours trying to master the technique until my hands ached and eyes could no longer focus on the task. But everything I did just would not turn out the way that I pictured. In fact, most of my creations were just hideous to behold.

I was ready to throw in the towel and let my trained and qualified employee take care of all the airbrushing requirements in my business. Then I realized that I could go on a course that only provides airbrushing training and I wouldn’t have to take a long term decorating course that focuses on teaching skills that I was already adept at.

In just three days, my training helped me hone my airbrushing skills and learn different ways in which the tool can be used to enhance my cake decorating. While I still have some practice ahead of me, taking the quick course was one of the best decisions I have made for my growing enterprise.

Here are some airbrushing tips from a friend of mine. And if you’re looking for an airbrush kit to buy, head on to this site: